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General questions

Each booking is unique and discussed per function.

Based on your Event Type, set-up and finish is discussed per function

Each booking is unique and discussed per function.

Exclusive hire of VES Venue, Cleaners and use of VES Venue signature furniture pieces in its positions.

We do have our own COC compliant Building Power Generator. For high tech, we do encourage brining in a dedicated generator. 

We are open to you bringing in your own supplier. We can recommend our preferred suppliers as well.

We do have our in house Bar Service.

External suppliers are welcome and remains open to discuss per booking. 

We do have our preferred Safety & Compliance supplier on request.

Parking is available inside the park.

Sound, lighting, entertainment, industrial aircons, DJ, AV and staging, décor and styling, bathroom enhancement, safety officer & medic, mobile toilets, mobile aircons, all staffing, security/bouncer.
We can provide a quote for in house services and can recommend preferred suppliers.

Yes, you can use your own photographers, videographers etc

Yes, we have a 200mb fibre line for your live streaming success. 

You are welcome to use your own suppliers. 
We can share our preferred suppliers list with you. 

Each booking is unique and discussed per function.

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